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In the short period that my son, who is three years old has been attending the Montessori at Sawyer's Glen, I have witnessed tremendous improvement in his daily temperament and routine.

I was amazed at how much more orderly he is without me or my husband instructing him. He has become more independent; little things like whining less or seeking assistance in eating and putting on his shoes on his own. He seems to want to figure out how to do tasks more by himself. When doing his work or playing with his toys, he assures me they are put away before moving on to something new. One month ago, this was not the case.

My son is naturally energetic and had some difficulty staying focused but i have seen major shifts in this. He is definitely more focused when doing a task and his temperament is more calm and content. I am very satisfied with our decision to place him in a Montessori setting as I can see his spirit shine through his work.

The teachers, Carolyn and Nicole, definitely are in alignment with the works of Maria Montessori. I see this in the results I see in my son.

Oh Carolyn, you have no idea the educational start you provided for Liam. He just received his first SBAC scores, and he tested far above average, as he always has in any testing. He remains in the gifted program, and is thriving. I truly believe starting off in a Montessori environment allowed him to be an independent thinker, utilize his problem solving abilities and reasoning, and really take steps to develop a strong learning process.

Liam is now in 4th grade (how did that happen?), he is a starting side receiver, corner and special teams. He's testing for his brown belt in Tae Kwon do in November, and turns ten on November 23rd. He has a ton of friends, is happy, kind and sweet.

Attached is a current picture.

Thank you for the opportunities you provided to Liam (and us).

I think about you every time I drive by the school. 

Thank you so much Carolyn. It is because of you and Nicole that Alice LOVES 1st grade and is a terrific student!

I am forever grateful to you both for the love and care you showed Alice throughout the 3 years she was with you.

You have a special place in our hearts and memories.


Tara & Alice

MIy name is Alayna Carroll and I graduated from my grandma's Montessori school. I'm now in the 6th grade. When I started first grade, I already knew how to read and write because I had learned my phonics at my grandma's school. I could write my first and last name in lower case. I had made many maps of the continents and I knew a continent song to help me remember them. It was fun to go to school with my cousin, Dayton. 

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